Passes (All Zones)

Aquacard PASSES

REcreational pools




sports Pool

personal pass

VIP pass

1 month/ whole day 179 PLN*
3 month/ whole day 450 PLN*

2 zones pass

1 month / 2H 159 PLN
1 month / 2H 159 PLN

1 zone pass

1 month
2h 139 PLN
1 month
2h 119 PLN

bearer pass

4 zones pass
10 entrances

2H 280 PLN

1 zone pass
10 entrances

240 PLN
1 H
140 PLN **

*  In order to spend unlimited time on sports pool Clients must use connecting gate between recreational pools and sports pool (entrance through cashdesks in the main hall). In cases of entrance through sports pool cashdesk there is still time  limit of 1 hour.
** No reservation. No place guarantee.


  1. Carers of disabled persons who require constant care can enter for free. Otherwise, they must purchase a concession ticket.
  2. Pareo rental 9 PLN.
  3. in cases of destroying or loosing rented items Clients will be chareged with a fine of  25PLN.
  4. Saunas services are only available for adults.
  5.  The use of the Fitness Zone is only permitted to persons aged over 4 years, Customers aged between 4 and 16 years may stay in this Zone only under the care of an adult carer.
  6. children aged up to 12 years may use the Recreational Pools only under the supervision of an adult carer.
  7. Persons who go from the Recreational Pool zone to the Sauna zone and who did not pay for the use of saunas at the entrance pay 0.50 PLN extra for each started minute The time spent in the sauna is not included in the time spent in the Recreational Pools.
  8. We accept the following credit/debit cards: VISA, VISA Electron, V PAY, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Diners Club International.
  9. Upon the first purchase of the block ticket, a one-time payment of 5 PLN is required to cover the cost of the card.
  10. A Personal Block Ticket may be used only after its holder has presented an ID with a photo at the ticket office.
  11. IMPORTANT! On Tuesdays men are not allowed to move around the zones, due to a changed organisation of the facility’s working hours (on Tuesdays Saunas are dedicated only for women), and must select only one zone they are planning to use.

More information:

71 77 11 511