for kids aged from 2 to 4 years + Mom or/and Dad

The last step before swimming by yourself!

The goal is to learn independence in water, both while swimming on the belly and back, but as well performing more advanced techniques like jumping and diving. The important part of classes is forming the right way to behave in water and obey safety rules. Great fun for kids and parents!


  • we learn how to swim underwater
  • we learn how to swim on back and belly all by yourself
  • we discover basic safety rules in water
  • we develop relations in group

What is needed?

  • for child – towels, waterproof diaper
  • for parent – a bathing suit, flip flops, a towel

What are the rules?

One class is 35zł (one child + 2 guardians). Activities with trainer last 30 minutes and time of your whole visit is 150 minutes.  After that time any additional minute of your stay will be charged 1 min/50gr. One lesson per week. The sale is held in 2 month tickets.

More information:

71 77 11 511