for kids from 4 to 6 years old.

Even a preschooler can swim on his own!

We offer an amazing course that leads to making kids familiar with water and teaching basic swimming techniques. Under the supervision of well-qualified instructors children learn how to conciously move around in water and they also get to know safety rules. The classes provide motor and physical development.


  • becoming familiar with deep water
  • swimming on the belly and back without accessories
  • jumping and playing on and under the surface of water
  • we learn how to react in unusual situations

What is needed?

  • a bathing suit, flip flops, a towel

What are the rules?

One class is 35zł (one child + guardian). Activities with trainer last 45 minutes and time of your whole visit is 150 minutes.  After that time any additional minute of your stay will be charged 1 min/50gr. One lesson per week. The sale is held in 2 month tickets.

More information:

71 77 11 511