Aqua fitness

We would like to encourage you to benefit from the daily visits to the professionally prepared swimming lanes in our sports pool. If you would like to get more, take a closer look at our Aqua Fitness offer! This activity involves training in water, which offers different levels of intensity and specificity, and which provides measurable effects.


Aqua Aerobik45 min**Comprehensive training which stimulates cardio-vascular, respiratory and muscular systems. It is characterised by the lowest level of pressure on the joints and spine. This training is designated for everyone, regardless of their fitness and swimming skills. Classes are held in the swimming pool, whose depth ranges from 1,35 to 1,8m.


Hydro Cycling45 min**These activities combine elements of physiotherapy and aerobic training, and are recommended for people at all ages and at any level of fitness. They involve performance of a series of exercises using bicycles placed in the pool, which is 1,35m deep.


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