Ceremony with extra attractions


Example aromas: black earth | spruce | birch| thyme
Cosmetics: mint salt scrub | body mask
Treat: Mint ice cream | Iced tea

An energizing session, which combines an intensive infusion and body massage using warmed birch withes. This ceremony fantastically conditions your skin, improves its blood supply, promotes an amazing radiant look. The effects are intensified by the application of a purifying peeling. At the end of this ceremony, its participants are offered a drink of revitalising birch juice.


Example aromas: cinnamon | lemon grass | oriental Asia | maharajah
Cosmetics: Lichee salt scrub | jasmine oil
Treat: Green tea | dried fruit and nuts

A climatic ceremony inspired by Orient aromas. The sauna master distributes scents with gentle movement of palm leaves or a fan, making sure that the temperature is not too high. The Meditation-like atmosphere of this ritual is created by the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, which the sauna master puts in motion, between infusions. The ceremony provides a calming effect that fully relaxes the body and clears the mind.


Example aromas: lemon | orange | grapefruit | tangerine | lime
Cosmetics: Lichee salt scrub | Body butter
Treat: Citrus fruit | Lemonade

A fruit snack will take you into the atmosphere of carefree rest, after which you will wear a blindfold to enjoy the beneficial effect of aromatherapy, reinforced by a high temperature. After the first series of infusions, guests massage beauty products into their skin and receive an ice ball to cool the body down. The nourishing effect is strengthened by the second series of infusions, with an even higher temperature. Refreshing lemonade is served at the end of this ceremony.


Example aromas: chocolate | passion fruit | cinnamon | almonds
Cosmetics: Lichee salt scrub | Hair mask
Treat: Chocolate | Iced coffee

This is a relaxing ceremony, which includes a gentle stimulation of senses (contrasting flavors and scents), delicate and regenerating massage of the entire body, and application of beauty products that revitalize skin and hair. This ceremony has a great influence on well-being, improves the condition of the skin and restores hair shine. Delicious iced coffee is served at the end of the session.


Example aromas: menthol | mint | lime | lichee
Cosmetics: menthol salt scrub |
Treat: mint ice cream | lemon water

A beauty treatment that benefits from the richness of cosmetic substances hidden in herbs. During this ceremony its participants rub their bodies with ice-balls and salt peeling infused with herbs. This ceremony’s effects include intensively smoothed and rejuvenated skin and rebuilding vital energy. A scoop of mint ice cream is a nice accent at the end of this treatment.


Example aromas: mint | eucalyptus | lemon | raspberry | lemon grass
Cosmetics: herb salt scrub | body mask
Treat: Iced tea | yogurt dessert with mint syrup

An intensive and firming ceremony, based on contrasting sensual experiences – participants stay in a hot sauna and receive ice balls containing crystals of menthol to rub into the skin to cool it. During the entire ceremony, the sauna master massages participants’ bodies using birch withes soaked in birch infusion with ice. The skin prepared in this way is ready to absorb beauty products applied during a break between the infusions, and the nourishing effect is strengthened during the second part of the ceremony, which is even more intense. At the end of the ceremony, the sauna master rubs birch infusion into the guests’ skin and then covers it with crushed ice.


Example aromas: mango | passion fruit | melon
Cosmetics: raspberry salt scrub | Hair mask
Treat: aloe vera juice | fruits

Energizing cocktail of aromas. A soundtrack is a special feature of this ceremony. The first part of the infusion is accompanied by the tranquilizing and natural sound of the tropics (sounds of monsoon rain and ocean waves). The other part is much hotter and more intensive and features ethnic music. Participants of this ceremony get small surprises – snacks composed of tropical fruit and exotic drinks.

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