Slides in Aquapark Wrocław

  1. Black Hole – minimum height 130 cm, length 104m
  2. Turbo – minimum height 150 cm, length 50m
  3. Magic Eye – minimum height 130 cm, sliding on rafts only, length 186m
  4. Family Slide – minimum age 4 years, length 8m
  5. Children Slide – for children younger than 8 years, length 10,5m

Multimedia Slide

is a combination of a recreational slide and multimedia effects:

  • Light
  • Sound
  • Water curtains
  • Transparent elements

A ‘Strawberry-shaped’ landing area is an additional attraction of the multimedia slide; the descent may be continued by swimming into the Lazy River.

Technical parameters:

  • Slide length approx. 100 m
  • Diameter of the ‘strawberry-shaped’ landing area: 6,45 m
  • Starting platform from the highest storey of the tower, i.e. from the altitude of 16,25 m
  • Speed of the descent 4-7m/s – duration of the descent approx. 20 s + time spent in the ‘strawberry’
  • 3 loops are situated within the route of the slide

This slide is for persons aged over 12 years, with the minimum height of 150cm, who can swim.