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The vision of Aquapark Wroclaw Company, the unquestionable leader in the market of entertainment, sport, and recreation in Poland, is to become the leader of this segment of services throughout Europe. We aspire to continue our development, add more attractions, and create the offer to maintain not only the highest standard of our services but also consistently develop the facility which will be unique for our visitors in comparison to other facilities of this type on the European scale.


Our mission is to create a unique venue for our clients, i.e. the local community, tourists coming to Wroclaw, and employees. The main objective covers the offering of the top quality entertainment and services, which meet the requirements of the most demanding visitors. Implementation of an active campaign to promote healthy lifestyles among people of all ages is another equally important objective.

The first objective is delivered through:

  1. Providing safe, clean, and attractive space used for entertainment and relaxation.
  2. Facilitating comfortable leisure and recreation, and creating conditions for active engagement in sports.
  3. Providing fast, professional, polite, and comprehensive service.
  4. Maintaining clean, comfortable, and technically fit facilities, applying environment-friendly technology and world-class innovative solutions.
  5. Creating a friendly atmosphere characterized by respect and tolerance, both towards our clients and Aquapark personnel.
  6. Sense of responsibility for the local community, through supporting charity and aid-oriented actions.

The second objective is delivered through:

  1. Developing campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Involvement in selected health-oriented actions implemented in Lower Silesia.
  3. Support to amateur sports.
  4. Creating products that activate various age and social groups.

Exemplary fulfillment of such commitments to our clients, local community, and personnel is our key objective, and its accomplishment is a priority and benchmark for all activities delivered by us.

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