Slides in Aquapark Wrocław

  1. Black Hole – minimum height 130 cm, length 104m
  2. Turbo – minimum height 150 cm, length 50m
  3. Magic Eye – minimum height 130 cm, sliding on rafts only, length 186m
  4. Family Slide – minimum age 4 years, length 8m
  5. Children Slide – for children younger than 8 years, length 10,5m

Black Hole

It's a blue pipe coming out of the Aquapark, which is 24 meters long! Thanks to the heated water you can use it all year round!


The most extreme of our slides, is characterized by a very fast descent.

Magic Eye

This is a favorite among our guests, where you ride on pontoons! There are two solutions to choose from - a single or double pontoon. The Magic Eye slide is the longest and the most popular slide of our customers.


The double slide is ideal for children and adults.

Family slide

A triple slide designed for older children or those wishing to slide with their parents. It's the perfect place for a family race. You can find it by the pool with the wave.

Multimedia slide

It's a combination of a recreational slide and multimedia effects:

  • Light
  • Sound
  • Water curtains
  • Transparent elements

A ‘Strawberry-shaped’ landing area is an additional attraction of the multimedia slide; the descent may be continued by swimming into the Lazy River.

Technical parameters:

  • Slide length approx. 100 m
  • Diameter of the ‘strawberry-shaped’ landing area: 6,45 m
  • Starting platform from the highest story of the tower, i.e. from an altitude of 16,25 m
  • Speed of the descent 4-7m/s – duration of the descent approx. 20 s + time spent in the ‘strawberry’
  • 3 loops are situated within the route of the slide

This slide is for persons aged over 12 years, with a minimum height of 150cm, who can swim.

Children's slide

Gentle slide located in the paddling pool.


An additional attraction is located in the Children's Bay. It's designed for our youngest guests. It's 120 cm long.

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