Seniors in the Sauna

The following represent several key benefits resulting from a sauna session:

  • U.S. scientists carried out an experiment that demonstrated sauna’s positive effect on the heart: their studies indicated improved heart efficiency and significantly lower breathlessness in the course of doing harder exercises. Sauna contributes to more efficient functioning of endothelial cells in the heart, and endothelium is responsible for the appropriate shrinking of blood vessels as well as coagulation and development of stem cells, which are capable of transformation into new endothelial cells, i.e. regeneration and reconstruction of the damaged cells in the cardiac muscle
  • Prophylaxis in civilization diseases caused by the lack of activity and stress
  • Relaxes muscles and improves the mobility of joints
  • Prevents heart attacks by toughening your body
  • Aids treatment of circulation insufficiency and stimulates a better blood supply to internal organs
  • Prevents rheumatic diseases
  • Relieves pain in the spine
  • Prevents colds and flu
  • Assists in endocrine disorders
  • Treats diseases of the upper respiratory tract and assists treatment of asthma
  • Regulates vegetative nervous system, calms you down, but also energizes
  • Ensures well-being through deep relaxation
  • Cleanses and cares for skin through exfoliation and activation of sweat glands. It also stimulates stratum germinativum
  • Stabilises blood pressure

Everyone can enjoy the beneficial power of a sauna, regardless of their age.

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