How to Use Saunas Appropriately

Sauna is a real goodness for both your looks and health. It intensively warms up the skin, stimulates blood circulation and softens the epidermis. Sweating intensifies the activity of the kidneys, which accelerates the removal of redundant products of metabolism from the body. Alternate warming and cooling of the body toughen it up and stabilises the immune system. A sauna provides excellent relaxation and releases tension after a hard day. After all, the Finnish say: ‘Everything is redundant, except for the sauna’.

Indications for using sauna baths:

  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchial tubes congestion
  • First and second-degree arterial hypertension
  • Acne
  • Degenerative changes in the joints
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Rheumatism

Contraindications for using sauna baths:

  • Cardio-vascular diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • High arterial pressure
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Nephrolithiasis
  • Inflammatory conditions, fewer
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy

Before you go to the sauna:

  • You need to bring at least two towels and flip-flops (please remember that you should leave flip-flops before you enter the sauna)
  • Shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, hair conditioner
  • You should not enter the sauna after having a big meal, or with an empty stomach
  • Alcohol should not be consumed before entering the sauna nor during your stay in it – lost fluids are best restocked by drinking water, or fruit or vegetable juice

Your stay in the sauna:

You should start with a thorough wash of the whole body to open skin pores and prepare them for further cleansing. Make-up and other cosmetics should be removed to allow the skin to ventilate freely and excrete sweat to facilitate the detoxification of your body. You should also remember to remove jewellery, a watch, spectacles, earrings and contact lenses. All objects heat up in the sauna and may burn skin. Before you enter the sauna, it is recommended that you should warm up your feet – for this purpose, you need to fill the kits with some water. You should use the sauna naked, however, you should remember that you must always lie down on a towel and keep your feet on a towel to prevent sweat from sinking into timber panels. It is recommended to wrap your hair in a towel to prevent it from excessive drying caused by the hot sauna air.

The sauna bath should be started in a little cooler sauna/bath. You may use an aroma steam bath to reduce muscle tension and relax your mind, a stone bath or a Bio sauna, which favourably impacts airways. Once the body has gotten used to the high-temperature effect, you may start a session in a Finnish sauna. First, you should use the lowest bench, and once your body has adapted, you may use the next levels, with a higher temperature.

After a 10 – 15 minute sauna session, you should sit down for a while to equalise pressure, and then leave – best to the fresh air environment (your body loses oxygen during the sauna session, and a short walk in the sauna garden will be a great way to provide it with extra air). The next step involves cooling the body using the shower. You can also cool your feet in Kneippa Pool to stimulate circulation, use the Thalasso Pool with water containing a rich composition of minerals that favourably impacts the immune system and skin, which becomes firm and smooth, or relax in the Under Stars Jacuzzi, which is located in Wellness Zone. After the cooling session, a short relaxation using deckchairs which you may find around the fountain in the atrium, or a specially prepared relaxation room, will be ideal. During a single stay in Saunarium, you should repeat the whole cycle twice or three times, i.e. the stages of warming up, cooling and resting.

Intensive sweating signals that your body has responded well, however, if you start feeling dizzy, or experience heart racing or weakness, this indicates that your stay in the sauna was too long.

During your visit to Saunarium, we would like to encourage you to try our unique aroma ceremonies.

The aroma ceremony (aufguss means infusion in German) in the sauna involves pouring water containing essential oils on hot stones and distributing warm air throughout the sauna. This is done by Saunamaster using various aids, such as a towel, fan, flag, etc. The Saunamaster, i.e. ceremony master, moves the towel to ensure that scents and warmth spread throughout the sauna room and reach each sauna user directly. The aroma ceremonies favourable impact body and mind. A sauna bath combined with an aromatherapy session increases the efficiency of the body and immune system. The body becomes more efficient to prevent infections. Fast and major temperature changes toughen the immune system, which is especially beneficial in the case of rheumatic pains as well as bone pain and tenderness. Blood circulation in internal organs is improved and they start acting more efficiently.

Sauna Savoir – Vivre:

  • Users should remain quiet, a sauna is a place of relaxation, and even whispering may disturb some users
  • Due to hygienic reasons, in the dry sauna, the whole body, including feet, should rest on towels
  • In the steam bath, the towel is not necessary, and even not recommended. Due to the high temperature and humidity, any material quickly becomes wet and heavy. Before sitting on the stones, you need to rinse them with water
  • During your stay in the sauna booth, you must not drink, eat or read
  • After leaving the sauna, you should take a shower, particularly if you are planning to cool down in a pool
  • Sauna bath is most effective if you use it without clothes or just wear a cotton cover. The body covered with clothes does not warm up evenly and cannot sweat properly, therefore the skin is not adequately cleansed, and clothing soaked with sweat irritates the skin, which may result in burns.


Kup teraz!

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