Outdoor Korsu Earth Sauna

This sauna is located in the outdoor garden with temperature reaching 85-95°C, and humidity of 10 – 20%. Innovation of the Korsu earth sauna involves its unusual structure – the facility was built below the ground level. The hexagonal earth sauna holds a wood-fired fireplace, which creates unique atmosphere. The sauna was built with kelo timber, which is the best material to construct such facilities.


Pine aroma and scent of wood-burnt in the fireplace (located in the centre of the sauna) favourably impacts our wellbeing. The sauna is located in the sauna garden, which is an additional advantage as it enables to cool the body down under shower, and then in the outdoor swimming pool.


Regular use of the Finnish sauna improves our immunity, enhances skin appearance and accelerates metabolism, while fire promotes the relaxing and calming effect.

You need to bring two towels, one for your body and the other for your feet. Don’t forget to bring flip-flops to be able to move freely in the garden.

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